Monday, September 8, 2014

Mistake, published drafts, Ive been re writing a years worth of great content, I release it tomorrow!!

        I am a perfectionist in most anything I do.  i learned over my 20+ yeras I cannot publish ongoing content, be full of rich information, and shoot 50 hrs a week, process, and do Social Media. For the last 12 years, and now last 12 months, Ive been preparing
an archive sort of, to unarchive, all keeping with relevent topics, even better sometimes. As it is now a yr later, comparisons can be made, predictions I am so hard headed about, and general industry stuff.  HOWEVER, IM IN THE FINAL STAGES INCLUDING SHUFFLING TO RE-EDIT POSTS ALREADY OUT THERE.  PLEASE I PROMISE ITLL BE WORTH YOUR WHILE, **I JUST RETRACKED A BLOG POST"  gimme a couple days, and an image layden content rich emporium will be released!  lifegiant2014