Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why certain Images Transcend time and boundaries.MANY Photographs are Great. Some are GREAT, simply because of the, 'Moment in Time Captured, and Preserved as SEEN'. Allowing anyone, anytime, to be able to experience that moment's Inspriration. :Lifegiant 365

    Photographers are like the ZEN Masters of Light Capture. Constant Guardians of memories in time, captured so gracefully they instantly draw out emotion from the viewer. I consider myself lucky, as my father grew up in a time where, a Decades worth of Gold embossed, Yearly pocket journals, was a traditional gift. He was off to boarding school at an early age, so by the time, Moses Brown Acedemy was to be his next home,receiving his initialed, leather bound, 'time machines' was expected. He went on to write all through WWII, Korea, the South Pacific and more. (For reasons I will reveal later), I believe I'posess a deeper understanding of the importance of, Personalized Cards, Writings, Journalings, Photographs. So, I'm Serving as a gatekeeper of the very different times that seperate, Era's. Even my Own Son's life, now 21, is incomparable technologically from mine, let alone his Grand-Parent's. As you follow mt thoughts, understand I have pledged an undertaking, both Archival and Ongoing, as well as Teaching in a present day manner. So I have strong opinions about Photography, Life, and how they relate, please take no offense to my own personal feelings on issues today.  Lifegiant  

       Its NOT images on a 4" screen nor the like, it's the mesmerizing story images tell, that you can barely wait for the printer to spit out. THAT, is our BRIDGE to the PAST! Commanding respect in their very nature, Offering that which one cannot describe. So Just GO, view a photograph!~ Lifegiant 365;  2014

                        (Nikon D2Hs AFD28-70mm f:2.8( Iso200, f:8 1/60s)ND Filter)

      This is an AWESOME shot, in a row of 25 frames, capruring the sun actually setting.  I purposely used Awesome, because I have spent the last few days reading 100's of posts about cameras and photos, lenses, imperfect photos...Along with, weird Forum questions. Uhh I own a D800, and I have a 70-200mm ED VR AFS F2.8 lens,(For Laypeople its a $2500 lens), but I can't get any good(Non Blurry when viwed at true size) shots,....*at the Dog Shows I Attend. Any lens suggestions. I'm opinionated so I keep it to myself, but if you ask a forum of 100+ people, all dying to write War/Peace to show off the tech specs they know, I gotta give my 2 cents. If you don't know, while the d800 is awesome, and at 36+Mgpx it sold a hefty lot,at 3500$ and is touted the top dog 'SmallBodyPro', but it serves few Photographers in real life work other than studio. 
      Workflow, I won't even touch that, my point is if the highest resolution handheld DSLR, and one of the finest lenses, more than adequate**even at 100Yds, (the users reported distance from dogs), what is the answer, really? I shoot AHL games, and use the sky bleachers instead of the standing room only press box, allowing better angles.  I'm using 1/3rd the Mgpx, AND cropping to near top end, to show a puck bouncing in the net! Maybe its YOU not the Equip!!  Simply put, either Photography has become THE NEW HOBBY, (as No-One spending hrs in forums, could even load a Nikon F4s, let alone shoot film, which BTW is moderate resolution. If you are worth your weight in photo paper, you know how to enlarge (Like 6' x 4' FEET) enlarge any photo. So MY, not a RANT, I think I have defendable & valid point of a huge gap in true skill, especially after finding Moose Peterson's article when the D2x came out, saying, pushing ISO to 400, even 800 is possible!! (I still feel more at ease w/ my D2Hs though)...WHICH is what I shot that sunset with  A 4 Mgpx 8 yr old camera, that will put any non pro body in its back pocket ( 11fps - Just Mash that shutter baby)!!. So why are people trying to push iso so past reality, it borders fools play?.  Point 2, Fireflies was shot at ISO 100, with AUTO kick to 1600, ALL the ambient light i pushed out in photoshop, so (IMVVHO) they make a cool tool to be able to stick at @ iso 100, SPEEDLIGHTS. OK NOW TAKE A DEEP BREATH, I appreciate all creatives, and never critique, just thank my LuckyCharms I earn a great living, playing at what i love, only I work my ass off.  Sleeping 3-5 hrs a day, shooting Area, and some National, Commercial campaigns, and I donate it all to animal rescue. So I don't buy equip even if I want it, if I have workable tolls, they get worked.  Of coarse I own pro bodies, but really at that level, medium format film and digital is the standard. So cheers to all, as well as my workhorse D2Hs, and 1 hell of a "Pro Sumer" camera in the D7000 & 7100, cuz they pull this two other shots at 320iso, in near pitch black, with a spotlight to aid focus lock, and Ahh I forgot to remove the ND! Thats ONLY what I did, i do not advise using my methods, unless you are self confident, you give as much as you get, & since a d70 looks like a Poloroid land Camera in size to observers of our Trade, don't be so scared you forgot the matching hat, and strap, you'll be ok! **This post was a Tongue in Cheek for a very few to enjoy. By NO means do I support non constructive support of anyone's use of time or money, nor do I feel its normal to donate in the manner I do. If you choose to follow along in the next week or so, I reveal what happened to align my karma, and so re-defined my entire Life.  Regards MJH- Lifegiant